v7p2r2 is available for download

Maintenance release 2 of the open TELEMAC system v7p2 is available for through our SVN:

The tag v7p2r2 can be found here: http://svn.opentelemac.org/svn/opentelemac/tags/v7p2r2/

For those using the automatic installer, the latest release will automatically be recognised and selected by default.

Thanks to all the contributors to this version and to all the users that provided very useful feedback. As usual, your comments and suggestions are welcome on the forum.

In this release, we have included:

  •  Fixes in HERMES (Optimisation of reading for Serafin format, Proper conversion of boundary segment into boundary points)
  • Fixes in TOMAWAC (Test if the result name is not white before writing in it, Diffraction is now possible if a point has more than 8 neighbour, subroutine LIMWAC is called after computation and before output, No dissipation with strong current when there are no current, )
  • Fixes in TELEMAC-3D (In subroutine MURD3D_LIPS, adding the treatment of the explicit
    source term S0F, as done in subroutine MURD3D_POS, )
  • Fix unconsistancy in the number of parameter of oil_flot with those of the
  •   Fix Definition of UL moved out the test IF(LT.EQ.0) THEN... (following bug reported by user).
  • Various fixes in the python scripts (Correction of bug for myplot1d.py as mpl.rcdefaults() remains after update of user deco)
  • Fixes in MASCARET (Pointer initializations, Wrong initialization for some values : DSS and DBS set to W0 (0.) instead of EPS8 (1E-8), )
  • Fix in POSTEL3D (when input is in MED format, as opposed to hard-coded SELAFIN)
  • Other fixes in the BIEF (When using characteristics and quasi-bubble elements, An error corrected in the case of sub-steps (NSP_DIST>1), which could cause mass loss, )
  • Various other cleanup of subroutines (After Feature #403: deletion of unused variables, Compiling with NAG compiler and misplaced arguments, removing spurious pritings in TELEMAC-2D, )

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