New features of SISYPHE version 7.2

New features and differences with version 7.1Edit

Release date: end 2016

Latest article update: 03/01/2017


New features

Correction of the subroutine(s) solving bedload transport processes. This modification aims at improving the numerical results where wetting and drying processes are present. A new keyword is proposed : MINIMUM DEPTH FOR BEDLOAD. The default value for this keyword is 1.0E-2 m (new variable HMIN_BEDLOAD). This value can be modified by the user: as a guideline and after some discussions and testing, we can suggest a value in the range [2-3]\times d_50, being d_50 the median sediment diameter.

Efficient and precise computation of sediment fluxes through a section. New keywords: FLUXLINE, FLUXLINE INPUT FILE.

The module DREDGESIM has been replaced by NESTOR, a new module capable to simulate sediment fate and dredging scenarios.

A liquid boundary file can be specified for bedload discharge.

Improvements in the computation of the angle alpha (sediment direction) for multiclass sediment distribution.

Corrections of stability issues for the sediment slide option.

Security check for the initial definition of layers (init_compo.f)




A brand new LaTeX documentation for Sisyphe is provided in folder documentation.

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