New features of Tomawac version 7.1

A new modelling has been implemented and a new keyword is associated 'BAJ MODELISATION'. One will write  BAJ MODELISATION=1, if it is necessary.

This developpement is the implementation of the modelling proposed by Bidlot Janssen and Abdalla in 'A revised formulation of ocean wave dissipation and its model impact' (European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecast). It is a new formulation that permits to better simulate interaction between windsea and swell.

This modelling includes WAM 4 for Janssen wind modelling, Discrete Integration Approximation for non linear resonant quadruplet interactions, Komen whitecapping dissipation (with constant   CMOUT1=2.1, CMOUT2=0.4), a new formulation for the mean wave number and pulsation, and a new formula for the wave growth limiter where we take the mean windsea frequency instead of mean frequency.

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