New features of Sisyphe version 7.1

New features and differences with version 7.0Edit

Estimated release date: end 2015

Latest article update: 31/07/2015 

Main new features of this version 7.1


New or modified key-words


This 3 new keyword is used to give an a priori dimension to a number of allocatable files, it gives the value of MAXFRO. A number of arrays with hardcoded dimension are now allocated with this dimension. Changing these keyword will avoid changing the hardcoded values, which required recompiling the whole package. A user function has been amended to cope with this change: CGL. To adapt it, either copy your personal bits of code into the new function or do the following: remove the declarations and initialisation of DEJA and OK. Change the remaining occurences of OK into OKCGL.

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